The Carnival Parade “Fašenk in Markovci”

Members of The Association of Travel Photographers and Reporters Slovenia (DPFF) traditionally attend Fašenk in Markovci every year on Carnival Saturday. First we visit Ptuj, the oldest Slovenian town, in the morning but at noon, we are already “in action” at Zabovci, where all the carnival groups and ethnographic characters are assembled in front of Ambiente guest house. Ethnographic characters of Drava – Ptuj area are: korant, devil (zlodej), ploughmen (orjač), spear throwers (kopjaši), bear (medved), rusa and melika, fairies and hen with chicken (kurika and picek). These figures represent power, mystery and pristine of Fašenk. Carnival groups, except Dornava’s gypsies, each year put on another mask. They represent ideas, creativity, collaboration, mocking and aesthetics. We follow the carnival procession through villages Zabovci and Markovci to the municipal building, where the carnival groups and the characters are presented. Since Carnival can occurs early in February or March, the weather could be winter cold or spring sunny.
Photo Galleries of Fašenk Carnival Parade of 2011, 2012 and 2014

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