Republic of Guatemala is a small Central America county with a long history and beautiful nature. People visit it because of many excellent Spanish language schools, Lent and Holy Week processions in Antigua Guatemala; one of the best coffee in the world grown on rich volcanic soil at the optimal altitude; Mayan ruins in the jungle (Tikal); smoky volcanoes (Pacaya, Agua, Acatenango, Fuego…); Pacific of Atlantic coasts with black or white sand beaches; Mayan villages as Santiago Atitlan, San Pedro, San Juan or Chichicastenango, where mystic Mayan rituals are mixed with Catholicism. People suffered a lot in the civil war terror from 1960 to 1996.
Photo Gallery
Vulkan – osvojen (SL, št.8, 24.2.2011)
Jezik je svet okoli nas (SL, št.15, 14.4.2011)
Gvatemala – Majevska preteklost in sedanjost (SL, št.15, 2011)
Antigua Gvatemala, kolonialni žad Srednje Amerike (SL, 1/2.2011)
Žive majevske vasi v Gvatemali, Santiago Atitlan in Chichicastenango (SL, 9.2012)
Postne procesije v Antigui Gvatemali (SL, Svet in Ljudje, 4.2011)
Postne procesije v Antigui Gvatemali (SL, Ognjišče, 4.2011)
Veliki teden v Antigui Gvatemali (SL, Ognjišče, 5.2011)
Antigua Gvatemala – Velikonočne alfombre (SL, Reporter, št.17, 2011)

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