About me

Gal Kusar, 1973 B. S. (2000) and Ph. D. (2007) in forestry at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe.

gk_2013_0238 I started my professional career at Slovenian Forestry Institute in 1998. Between 2011 and 2015 I worked as an independent researcher in the fields of forestry and the environment. Since March 2018 I have been working at Slovenia Forest Service.

Natural scientist, traveler, mountaineer, and photographer. Member of the Association of Travel Photographers and Photojournalists of Slovenia (DPFF).

Author of newspaper and magazine articles published in Adria In-Flight Magazine, Delo/Polet, Nedelo, Delo/Trip, Horizont, Potepanja, Svet in ljudje, Ognjišče, Reporter, Gozdarski vestnik, Zbornik gozdarstva in lesarsta, Acta geographica Slovenica, and Geografski obzornik.

Since 2001, I have been to Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Belize,  gk_2013_0644 Guatemala, Argentina, USA, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Burma / Myanmar, Georgia, Russia, Egipt, Jordan, Tunisia, and many other European countries.

Languages: Slovenian, English, German, Serbo/Croatian, and Spanish.