Dublin – Irish Dry Stout

Style: Irish Dry Stout 08_blowingrock_2015_0332
ABV: 4.5%
IBU: 36
SRM: 40


Appearance: Color can run from an almost jet black to something slightly lighter, a deep rich brown. A creamy-soft, long-lasting tan to brown head is characteristic, and much expected.

Aroma: Expect aromas of coffee coming from the roasted barely. It can have slight offerings of chocolate, cocoa, or very slight graininess present. Esters will be at the low end of medium but more often not present at all, the same with hop aroma.

Mouthfeel: Usually mouthfeel runs smooth despite the high loads of hop bitterness and generous quantities of darker grain. It should have a medium to medium-full mouthfeel, low carbonation, with a creamy quality that is easy on the palate. Astringency might be present but in low quantities, never taking on any harsh qualities.

Taste: Roast shines in this beer. May have some acidic sourness with possible bittersweet chocolate qualities through the palate to the dry coffee-like finish. Medium to high hop bitterness compliments the grainy sharpness. High creaminess plays the main balancing role, with slight fruitiness and low hop flavor possible additions in this beer that’s dark-malt heavy and should never hid that fact too well.

Food Pairings:

Salty & Fried Foods, Spicy Foods, Bold & Sweet Desserts.

Perro Callejero Craft Brewery