• JGS – public forestry service,
  • CRP projects,
  • Specific tasks of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food of Slovenia (MAFF) and Ministry of Environment of Slovenia (MOP),
  • Corine CLC (mapping land use / land cover),
  • COST E43 (harmonization of forest inventory data),,
  • Projects for reporting TBFRA 2000 GFRA 2005, 2010, MCPFE 2007, Forest Europe 2010 and OECD 2010,
  • HSE – Kyoto inventory (forest inventory for Kyoto reporting),
  • Interreg project Forest and Water (forest management for hydrological service),
  • ProAlp (  forest protective service – case study avalanches),
  • Krvavec (sustainable management planning of ski center),
  • Manfred (forest services),,
  • MOP (preparation of data for the UNFCCC/Kyoto LULUCF sector).
  • SYLVAMED (forest services, case study of chestnuts forest),

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