Auyama – Pumpkin Porter

Style: Pumpkin Beer 025_patamban_mexico2011_0513
ABV: 5%
IBU: 20
SRM: 17


Aroma: Pumpkin or squash are essential to the style and should have been used either in the mash, kettle, or fermentation. The resulting aromas should be a main player in this beer and can range from a subtle but noticeable whisper to a more intense and uncompromising, but still harmonious character. Spices or other ingredients often supplement the profile, but these are not necessary for the style. Any hop and spice aromas present should not overpower the underlying pumpkin/squash aromas or over-scale the overall balance. Hop aroma is low ranging from none at all to medium. Sweet malt aromas may be present at low to medium levels.

Appearance: The beers appearance will be dictated heavily by the underlying beer style and can range from pale to almost black. The beer can appear hazy or crystal clear.

Mouthfeel: Body and mouthfeel will range across the spectrum depending on the underlying beer style and should fit the guidelines for that style

Taste: A combined backbone of malt sweetness and pumpkin/squash will range from low to med-high, though the pumpkin should always be higher in the balance. Hop flavors will range from low to medium and never overrun the pumpkin/squash flavors. Hop bitterness should be just enough to balance some of the sweet, in a range of low to medium-low. The best examples of the style will have noticeable pumpkin/squash character that is balanced, but never overwhelmed by the presence of hops or spices.

Food Pairings:

Creamy spinach salads; Roasted lemon-pepper chicken; Steamed veggies; BBQ turkey; Meatloaf.

Perro Callejero Craft Brewery