Caperucita Roja – Irish Red Ale

Style: Irish Red Ale 02_nczoo_2015_0584
ABV: 4%
IBU: 17
SRM: 9


Appearance: Most examples of this style will be amber to a deep reddish copper in color. They will be quite clear with a small off-white to just slightly tan colored head.

Aroma: The nose will have a low to moderate malt aroma which is often caramel centered, but can have also display toasty or toffee-like notes. Some diactyl may be present creating a butter-like character to the overall malt aroma. Usually, hop aroma will not be present at all.

Mouthfeel: A mid-light to medium in body is most common, although if diacetyl is present it will likely add a character that can present as slippery or smooth. The stronger examples may present with low alcoholic warmth, otherwise this beer should run smooth with moderate carbonation and attenuation.

Taste: The most noticed flavor will be a moderate caramel maltiness, sometimes running into a buttered toast or toffee character, especially if diacetyl is present. The swallow will highlight light roasted grain qualities helping to dry out the finish. Usually little to no hop flavors; if present these should be light and steer more toward the English hop varieties. Roast grains may create the sense of more hop bitterness then is actually present, which will be in the low to mid-range. Should be clean and smooth with a medium-dry finish. If brewed as a lager it will have no ester presence, while an ale version should have no diacetyl and just a subtle bit of esters.

Food Pairings:

Lamb Chops, Reuben Sandwich, Shepherd’s Pie, Mutton, French onion soup, Crème Brûlée

Perro Callejero Craft Brewery