Countries in front of my camera


Bahamas, March 2016

Blue Curacao

Curacao, October 2015

From Venice to Venezuela

Italy, June 2013

Isla de Margarita

Venezuela,  2013/14

Argentina’s Diagonals; from Patagonia to the Andes

Argentina, February/March 2013

Country of Proud, Friendly and Hospitable People

Georgia (Sakartvelo), August 2012

Pioneer of Arab Spring

Tunisia, April/May 2012

Central Mexican Highlands

Mexico, October/November 2011

Mount Athos – Monastic Peninsula; A Relict in Time and Space

Athos/Greece, September 2011


France / Spain, July 2011

Bible’s Places

Jordan, November/December 2010

Mayan tradition lives on

Guatemala, March/April 2010

Saint Petersburg

Russia, May 2009

Before opening

Myanmar (Burma), April/May 2009

On the Right Path to Normality

Colombia, August 2008

Lisboa and Cascais

Portugal, June 2008


Lao, November 2007

Diving – Koh Tao

Thailand, November 2007


Romania, November 2007


Finland, June 2007

Gradec / Graz

Austria, March 2007

Thessaloniki / Solun

Greece, November 2006

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and the Mekong Delta

Vietnam, November 2004

Angkor and Phnom Phen

Cambodia, November 2004


Thailand, November 2004

Ruta Maya

Mexico, June 2003

Venezuela – Before Chavez

Venezuela, August 2001