Moments in time

2016 North Carolina Primaries 2016

Morganton, NC, USA, 15.3.2016

Snow Storm

Morganton, NC, USA, 22.1.2016

Winter Fun

After “big” snow storm, Morganton, NC, USA, 26.2.2015

WWI Military Cemetery

Stanjel, Slovenia, 19.10.2014

Fishermen of Juan Griego

Juan Griego, Isla de Margarita, Venezuela, October/November 2013

Book of Genesis

Ljubljana, Slovenia, July 2013

The Oldest Wooden Wheel

The archeologists discovered wooden wheel with an axle, near Stare gmajne, Vrhnika, Slovenia in 2002. According to analyses the wheel is over 5.200 years old.

Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 2013


The football (soccer) is the big thing in Argentina.

Argentina, February 2013

Protest of Tobacco Workers

In Argentina, strikes and protests are common. This reportage shows the protest of tobacco workers in the city of Salta, the center of Argentina’s tobacco industry. Many workers are migrants from neighboring Bolivia.

Salta, Argentina, 6.3.2013

Fishermen at the End of the World

Centollas (King crabs; Lithodes santolla) up to 4 kg heavy arthropods with delicious meat live in the cold water of Beagle Channel. The fishermen have traditionally fished them in traps.

Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, February 2013

La Providencia Sylvestre

When I was working on the article “Fishermen at the end of the world “in the south of Argentina, I hichiked a men named Gogo in Puerto Almanza. He invited me to his estancia Providencia Sylvestre at the Beagle channel, where we spent an interesting and pleasant Saturday afternoon with his extended family.

Puerto Almanza, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, February 2013

WWI Military Cemetery

Stanjel, Slovenia, 2.11.2012

Occupy Wall Street

New York, USA, October 2011


Ljubljana, Slovenia, 18.6.2011, 7.3.2012

Reflections in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala, 2010

Trnovo Gates

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 3.1.2010

Land Rover in Snow

Bitnje, Slovenia, 17.1.2009