Exotic Plants Projects – EPP

Exotic Plants Projects – EPP

I started with »Exotic Plant Projects -EPP« in 2012. For my birthday, my friends gave me as a gift a voucher for Breskvar Horticulture. I went there with the idea to buy three lemon plants, but it turned out that I bought a lemon (Citrus x limon), a lime (Citrus aurantifolia) – it was the only lime plant there and it took as 15 minutes to find it between all lemon plants – and a kumquat (Fortunella margarita). In the winter my citruses are inside, but in the summer they enjoy outside weather on my terrace in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Each year they bloom abundant and I love the scent of citrus blossoms. They also bear fruits.

Photo Gallery: Citrus Project (Citrus sp.)

Later in 2012 I planted some coffee seeds (fresh, green, not roasted of course) and now (2015) I already have two coffee plants about 1,5 m tall. This summer they made first blossoms. It surprise me that the scent of the blossoms are similar to the citrus hence very pleasant but not as strong as citrus.  With their scent and honey they attracted bees, wild bees, bumble bees and I spotted even some wasps. I hope all these insects did their job of pollinating well so in the autumn I could post some coffee berries photos or even make a small cup of hot, home grown/home roasted coffee for a cold winter morning.

Photo Gallery: Coffee Project (Coffea sp.)


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